Stress Buster Orange Smoothie

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Orange, Flaxseed, Carrot, Banana, Pineapple or Papaya & Ginger

 Bad vibes? Not on our watch.

With a smoothie as vibrant and delicious as this, you’ll soon be kicking your stress to the curb in no time. High in Vitamin C, antioxidants and plenty of fibre, this sunset orange smoothie is sure to brighten up your mood and taste buds. It’s enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre  from the trusty flax seeds. Apart from this, you also get your healthy dose of Vitamin A thanks to the carrots. Toss in some pineapple and you’re left with a smoothie that’s instantly going to lift your spirits while nourishing your body and mind. Orange you glad you got us?


How to blend:

-Add a cup of ice to all the ingredients

-Blend together and enjoy!