Immunity Booster Smoothie

Immunity Booster Smoothie

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It’s time to say goodbye to itchy throats and runny noses. For good!

Gift yourself the power of good health with an immunity boosting smoothie enriched with disease fighting antioxidants and much more. 

If you thought beetroots and celery only tasted good in soup, this smoothie is here to change your mind. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, beetroot is a great source of folic acid, magnesium and fiber. It pairs well with nutrient-loaded celery to give you a smooth blend. 

Add in some apples, bananas, carrots and chia seeds and you’ve got a super-smoothie that’s ready to combat that pesky seasonal flu. For a hint of warmth and zingy flavour we even added a touch of ginger. Thank us later!


How to blend:

-You can either opt for ice or 100-150ml of coconut milk or any other milk of your choice. 

-Add all the ingredients together.

-Blend and enjoy!